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Since 2005, I’ve been travelling, blogging, and sharing my knowledge and experience. Come with me on this journey and find out how to live your travel dreams.

Read some of my most personal posts on Breathedreamgo. Find out how I decided to take the leap and start travelling at the age of 45 and becoming a travel writer and blogger at the age of 50 … with no regrets.

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Expert advice on travel in India

Welcome to Breathedreamgo! I’ve spent many years travelling across India, and South Asia, as a female solo traveller and I now live in India. I founded this site to share my love for travel in India, and to help you experience India to the fullest.

Travel India safely with India for Beginners

India for Beginners custom tours are for first time visitors to India, female travellers, and those who have a genuine desire to experience India. They are for travellers who love to go off-the-beaten path and have authentic cultural experiences. We want to show you the India we love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Travel safety is not about WHERE you travel, but HOW you travel. If you’re ready for India, prepare for your trip, and exercise reasonable caution, there is no reason to worry about travel in India. India is not for everyone, and you may be uncomfortable, but statistically it’s not a dangerous country for tourists. Read my tips for women traveling in India here.

There are many things you can do to prevent and avoid traveler’s tummy and other potential illnesses. A positive attitude, healthy immune system, and liberal doses of caution and common sense are usually enough to get most travelers through most situations. Read more about how not to get sick in India here.

There is nowhere else like India on the planet! Start several months in advance with researching the country and culture, planning your itinerary, and getting vaccinations. There’s a wealth of information on this site and I am always available to answer questions via email. Read more about packing for India here.

India is the seventh largest country in the world, the second most populous, and one of the most ancient. There is incredible cultural diversity from state to state, and geographic diversity across the subcontinent. Don’t try and do it all! Pick one or two regions and slow down. India is not a country you should hurry through. Start by reading my comprehensive India Travel Guide.

India is the birthplace of Yoga. The philosophy is woven into the very fabric of Indian culture. To really know Yoga, you must study in India. You will discover a vast pool of knowledge and wisdom that goes far beyond asana, the physical practice of Yoga. Check out my Guide to Yoga in India to start your journey.

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Breathedreamgo covers destinations across the globe, from Canada to India, and from Ireland to Thailand. Our focus and expertise is Canada, India, and South Asia and we have produced many detailed guides. We especially love to share tips for offbeat travel, authentic experiences, and responsible travel options.

Travel Stories on Breathedreamgo

Travel stories are the heart and soul of this site. As a trained journalist with many years of freelance writing experience, travel narratives are my true love and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. Many are award-winning and all are straight from the heart.

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