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Grand staircase, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

The Taj Mahal of hotels

The Taj Group hotels hold a special place in India’s cities. In some cases, they are linked with the city’s, and even the country’s, history. I don’t usually stay in the Taj Group hotels when I travel, but I often visit them for tea or lunch or just to have a few minutes of luxurious […]

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Meeting Maximum Mumbai

Meeting Maximum Mumbai

First impressions of a buzzing metropolis I arrived in Mumbai (Bombay) badly. I bought a ticket in Goa for an overnight “luxury” bus from Madgao to Bandra, leaving at 8 pm. Instead, I was bussed from Madgao to Panjim, shifted to a dirty, run-down bus that left at 10 pm and told the bus would […]

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Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai, Bombay, India

Certain Psychology of Terror

Terror attacks in India When thinking you’re right makes you wrong As I write this, police, hotel staff and and various specialists are combing through the wreckage of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai looking for casualties, evidence, survivors and possibly terrorists in hiding. There have been so many shocking images coming out of […]

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Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai, India

Jai Hind

My heart is in India I am writing this from the comfort of my quiet home in Canada. My cat is curled up beside me, purring, the heat and electricity are running, I have food in the ‘fridge, I can hear the heavy steel-on-sreel rattle of the street car. The world outside my window seems […]

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