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Creating digital campaigns that tell your story 

The best way to reach international and domestic travellers is online. Virtually everyone (96%) researches and plans their travel by going online and using search engines such as Google and social media platforms. This means that being present online is very important to increase awareness, bookings and of course the bottom line.

Quality content is just as important as presence and making a buzz. Working with me and the Breathedreamgo team, you will get quality stories, photos and social media posts as well as SEO, reach and engagement.

We can craft influencer or digital campaigns on the Breathedreamgo platform and channels, on your platforms and channels or by engaging a team of influencers. Our expertise is reaching the Indian market — the second largest and fastest growing outbound travel market in the world.

An association with Breathedreamgo will get your brand noticed by the right target market.

To learn more about Breathedreamgo, please see the 2016 Information Kit.

To learn more about this innovative and effective marketing strategy, please read these articles. I’ve carefully curated a list of the best information I’ve found about working with bloggers and influencers, content marketing and digital storytelling.

BIO: About Mariellen and Breathedreamgo

For more than 15 years, I have been telling stories online and effectively inspiring and engaging readers. With a BA in Journalism, and a background in public relations and marketing, I understand how to create digital stories that are on-message and compelling. My online work has amassed a large following and many awards.

I’m an award-winning travel writer based in Canada and India, and I write for leading publications around the world including BBC Travel, Vogue Magazine (India), Conde Nast Traveller (India), HappyTrips, Matador Network and many others. I’m also the founder of Breathedreamgo. For more information about me, and to see my portfolio, visit About Mariellen.

Breathedreamgo is one of the world’s leading blogs about travel in India, Canada, female solo travel and meaningful adventure / responsible travel. Breathedreamgo has won many top blogging awards, is listed as one of the world’s 100 top travel blogs, and has been featured in leading publications such as BBC Travel, USA Today, India Today, The Times of India, Conde Nast Traveller India, Huffington Post and many others. For more information visit About Breathedreamgo.

  • Breathedreamgo has a very high SEO rank (PA 55/DA46)
  • Breathedreamgo attracts 55-60 K page views per month
  • The Breathedreamgo social media platform includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and has a combined total of 40 K followers
  • Breathedreamgo is one of the top 100 travel blogs on the internet, is on many lists of top blogs, and has won many top blogging and travel writing awards
  • Breathedreamgo is one of the top 5 leading India travel blogs by SEO, traffic and awards.

Digital Campaigns

Each campaign is customised to suit specific goals and objectives, however, typically they include:

  • A mutually agreed-upon campaign theme
  • 3-7 day fully hosted experience at your hotel, resort, destination, attraction
  • 1-2 blog posts on Breathedreamgo
  • Extensive social media posting before during and after the experience on chosen platforms
  • A selection of best photos for your use
  • The option of creating additional content for your platforms

 Select Successful Campaigns

Mariellen and the Breathedreamgo team have worked on many successful campaigns for organizations ranging from American Express to Samsung to Destination Canada. Here are a select few.

  •  Destination Canada. Mariellen and Breathedreamgo worked with Destination Canada on a 1-year contract (2014) to promote tourism to Canada in the Indian market. Content was produced on Breathedreamgo, all social media channels, plus Mariellen wrote articles and guides for sites such as HappyTrips. Please see the Canada Destination section of Breathedreamgo.

For more details on case studies, and to see reader testimonials, please visit the Case Studies page.

  • Mirabai Expedition: Mariellen received an explorer’s grant from Kensington Tours to follow in the footsteps of Mirabai in North India in 2014. A five-part series was produced on Breathedreamgo and the Mirabai Expedition has been featured in Vogue India and Conde Nast Traveller India.
  • Tough Drops Tour: Mariellen worked with Corning, maker of Gorilla Glass 4, and Samsung on a campaign (2015) to demonstrate the toughness of the device glass. Four top bloggers travelled to Oregon to experience “tough drop surfaces” and produced content on their blogs as well as the Tough Drops website. Here’s a wrap-up about the campaign: The Tough Drops Tour of the Pacific Northwest.

 Thanks so much for considering Breathedreamgo!


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