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Breathedreamgo disclosure policy

Thank you for reading Breathedreamgo. We appreciate your visit and hope you have been inspired or informed. We take a lot of care to produce quality work and to be transparent about how we make money. No matter how we receive income, we never compromise on our commitment to our readers. We produce work based on personal experience, and write with heart-felt honesty. We are just as committed to earning and keeping your trust as we are to producing quality work. You will soon see this disclosure policy message on every page:

Disclosure policy

Our goal is to provide you with inspiring stories, useful and accurate information, and personal recommendations. If we don’t believe in the company or what it is offering, we won’t share it. Your trust is most important to us. Breathedreamgo is published, owned and edited by Mariellen Ward.


We earn money from this site to enable us to keep publishing. We derive income primarily from:

  1. Affiliate commissions
  2. Advertising and sponsorship
  3. Taking part in media trips and paid campaigns
  4. Tours
  5. Services

Affiliate commissions. Affiliate links lead to third-party retail websites such as Amazon, Agoda, World Nomads, etc. We earn commission if you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase. There is no cost to you, and the money earned helps to keep this site running. So thank you. Where appropriate, we may include disclosure on the specific page, but this is not always the case.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Notice: Breathedreamgo is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Prices and selection do change quickly on Amazon so you will need to confirm the price and availability prior to making your purchase.

Please contact us if you have any questions about any of the companies we partner with.

Advertising and sponsorship. Advertising is available on Breathedreamgo (the site, newsletter and social media platform) to ad networks and individual advertisers, as outlined in our Rate Card.

Very, very occasionally, we may accept a sponsorship from a like-minded brand, organization, or destination. Sponsorship of any kind will be clearly disclosed, and no-follow links will be used as per Google best practices.

As always, we will ensure that our content is fair, accurate, honest, and useful or inspiring to our readers. We will not compromise our integrity or your trust.

Media trips. As with most professional travel writers, we do accept press trips (also known as media trips and “fam” trips) from companies, destinations, and tourism boards.

These will be clearly disclosed and we will not allow the complimentary nature of the experience to influence our judgement. We will use the hashtag #mediatrip and a disclosure statement on the site; and the hashtag #mediatrip on social media.

Very, very occasionally we take part in paid blogger campaigns. These will be clearly disclosed and we will not allow the complimentary nature of the experience to influence our judgement. We will use the hashtag #sponsored and a disclosure statement on the site; and the hashtag #sponsored on social media.

Tours. We partner with tour companies to offer tours based on our own recommendations, experiences, and preferences. We would never offer a tour that we would not be delighted to take ourselves or to recommend to our friends and family.

Services. We offer services such as freelance writing, copy writing, and content / social media marketing. This is, in fact, where the bulk of our income comes from.

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Commercial Inquiries and Editorial Policy

If you are contacting us to pitch us, take some time to get to know Breathedreamgo. We do not take guest posts unless commissioned by us from someone known to us, and we do not sell contextual links. We do not publish third-party news or infographics. All content that you see on Breathedreamgo is produced by us.

We might be interested in opportunities and partnerships that fit with our travel style, values, and editorial policy. Please tell us how your product or brand is a good match and how it will benefit our readers.

Travel questions

If you have a travel question, please be aware we offer an India Itinerary Planning service for $50.00 per hour.

Also, please look at our Tours and Travel Resources page.

Work with us

Check out our Work With Us page to find out how we can work together and to download our Media Kit and Rate Card.

We can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Contact us at: info [@] breathedreamgo . com

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