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Tweet-up at Red Tea Box

The first travel tweet-up in Toronto Here I am, having tea with three amazing women travel bloggers: Janice “Solotraveler,” Evelyn, “Journeywoman,” me, and Nora “Hobonora.” We had a magical afternoon at the Red Tea Box in Toronto, sharing stories, inspiration, resources and tips. Sometimes, you just have to leave your computer and actually meet face-to-face […]

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sari power

Ratha-Yatra in Toronto

Annual Festival of India celebrates culture, spirituality It may look like India (well, perhaps not the buildings in the background), but these pictures were taken at the recent Ratha-Yatra parade in Toronto, organized by the good folks at ISKCON.This is an annual event, part of the Festival of India, which is usually held on the […]

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Tuesday in the park

Finding perfection amid the garbage I am a long-time yoga practitioner who just took up jogging. This morning I went to my local park as usual, and began walk/jogging in circles around the track that runs the perimeter of the park. Now that summer vacation has started, there is a lot more activity in the […]

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Photograph of the evening aarti in Haridwar, India during Kumbh Mela 2011

Empire of the soul

Getting ready to return to India for the third time I am “borrowing” the title of this post from writer Paul William Roberts. It’s the name of his book about his travels in India and I think it just perfectly describes how I — and so many others — feel about India. I am leaving for […]

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Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai, Bombay, India

Certain Psychology of Terror

Terror attacks in India When thinking you’re right makes you wrong As I write this, police, hotel staff and and various specialists are combing through the wreckage of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai looking for casualties, evidence, survivors and possibly terrorists in hiding. There have been so many shocking images coming out of […]

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Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai, India

Jai Hind

My heart is in India I am writing this from the comfort of my quiet home in Canada. My cat is curled up beside me, purring, the heat and electricity are running, I have food in the ‘fridge, I can hear the heavy steel-on-sreel rattle of the street car. The world outside my window seems […]

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