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Do you want to stand out online?

Breathedreamgo Consulting offers writing, blogging, social media and travel services

Please contact me if you need any of the services I offer: writing, blogging, social media strategy and India travel and business consulting. And read on to find out how I can help you and/or your organization. Please download a three-page PDF that outlines Breathedreamgo Consulting services.

1. Writing / Blogging

My expertise as a writer spans journalism, feature writing, blogging and copywriting. I have a BA in Journalism and more than 20 years’ experience as a communications professional under my belt. I have written entire websites for banks and mobile phone companies; travel brochures, websites and more travel blogs than you can count; health and financial e-newsletters; magazine and newspaper features; and much more. To see my travel-related portfolio visit the About Mariellen page. For my corporate website, see Mariellen Ward, Online Storyteller.

 I have the expertise to tell your story in a clear, compelling and concise manner; and the experience to ensure it is accurate, timely and in line with your communication objectives. I write craft stories that engage on multiple platforms.

2. Social Media Strategy

The art of social media is relationship and engagement. Through my Breathedreamgo platform I reach upwards of 100,000 people every month — via my blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and more. I have created a growing community of people interested in travel, India, yoga, culture and spirituality. And long before the rise of social media, I worked for 10 years in public relations and marketing communications. My social media understanding is built on a solid background of public relations and communications principles and strategies. I can help you create community, engage your audience and build your profile online. To find out more about the Breathedreamgo platform, read About Breathedreamgo.

“Mariellen was instrumental in our ability to raise our twitter profile with targeted followers. Her on line coverage of our initiatives also enhanced our profile among like minded journalists and consumers.  I find her editorial commentary to be fresh, informative and always engaging. I look forward to working with Mariellen Ward on future projects.” – Melanie Coates, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

As well as writing, blogging  and social media expertise, I am actively involved in the global travel blogging community and very well connected. I co-founded the highly successful bloggers’ meet-up group, the Toronto Travel Massive, and I’m a founding member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association. I can help connect with the world’s most popular and credible travel bloggers.

3. Travel in India

India is a daunting travel destination, even to seasoned travelers. I can tell you from personal experience, there is a steep learning curve to being in India! Add in culture shock and the sheer size and diversity of the subcontinent and, oh boy. Most people need some help to travel well in India; I’m the first to admit that a little hand-holding goes a long way.

“Mariellen is India’s best ambassador.” – IndiaTourism

I’ve traveled for more than 14 months, solo, in India — from Dharamsala in the north to the southern tip of the subcontinent; from Mumbai in the west to Darjeeling and Sikkim in the north-east. I’ve lived with an Indian family in Delhi, studied yoga at an ashram near Rishikesh and volunteered to work with Tibetan refugee children. I’ve traveled by plane, train, car, motorcycle, bicycle, autorickshaw, bus, camel and elephant.

I’ve learned how to get around in India  — and I can help you have a smoother trip and a fuller experience by:

  • creating a custom itinerary, based on your interests, preferences, travel style
  • advising you on how to prepare for your trip including suggested alternative medicines
  • giving you tips on how to travel safely and avoid getting sick
  • teaching you the basics of what you need to know including: what to pack and wear; what to eat and drink (and avoid!); how to negotiate with drivers; how to buy tickets and much more
  • being a source of inspiration, help, guidance before and during your trip
  • providing you with tips and advice for getting off the beaten path and finding the “hidden gems”
  • suggesting pertinent guide books, online sites and other resources
  • offering recommendations for reputable and affordable accommodation
  • teaching you how to buy train and plane tickets
  • filling you in on what you need to know about customs, etiquette and rituals

“Mariellen’s knowledge of India is vast. After listening to my dreams about India, she offered practical advice on my itinerary and on how I moved and experienced this incredible country. Her passion for the culture and understanding of the challenges that westerners face within it are extremely helpful.” – Janice Waugh, founder, Solo Traveler

4. Business in India

Do you have an interest in India? Perhaps you would like to travel there. Or do business. Or maybe you’re interested in the modern culture of India. I have spent the last six years immersing myself in the culture of India. I have studied yoga, traveled extensively, read many books, done business in India and lived with an Indian family in Delhi. Whatever your interests or needs, I can help.

“Mariellen is a true life saver and a very informed champion and cognoscenti of Indian travel and culture. If you have any interest in the sub-continent, she is the woman to know. Not only pleasant to work with, but knows her way around the sites and sounds of India, and the local implications of getting there. A sherpa in the highest regard.” – Sean Moffit, author, Wikibrands

5. Speaking engagements

Over the past six years, I’ve traveled extensively in India, solo, and developed cultural knowledge and insight about India; and learned a lot about long-term travel, travel writing and travel blogging. I’m happy to speak to your group or conference on the following themes:

  • The reality of travel in India: Stories from the road
  • How to do business in India: What you must know before you go
  • How to get ready to visit India

In the last three years, since launching, I have attracted a strong readership, created an extensive social media platform, built an online community and created a profile for myself online as an India travel expertise. I’m happy to speak to your group or conference on the following themes:

  • Building a niche online
  • Successful social media strategies
  • The truth about travel blogging; and how travel writing differs from travel blogging

For a list of previous speaking engagements, including the annual international travel event Meet, Plan, Go, please visit the About Breathedreamgo page and scroll down.

Fully personalized service

You will get only what you need, what you ask for. Initial consultation (first phone call or email) is free; and thereafter I charge an hourly rate or project fee to answer your questions, and help you in whatever way suits your needs and your budget.

If your budget permits, I may even travel with you and help you get your “India legs.”

Contact me at mariellen [@] breathedreamgo . com and let me know how I can help you.

I’m now a PivotPlanet expert advisor on travel, India, writing and blogging

expert advice about India travel, writing, blogging

As a professional travel writer, blogger and India traveller, I get emails every day from people who want advice. Though I really appreciate it when people reach out to me, I frankly don’t have time to answer them all due to the pressing need to make a living — strange as that may sound! So, I came up with a solution when I discovered the PivotPlanet website. I applied to become an expert advisor, and after submitting an application, and being interviewed, they created my profile on their site. People can contact me through the site to arrange a mentoring session via Skype or even in person. So if you want to be a travel writer or blogger, or if you need India travel advice, contact me on the PivotPlanet website. Here’s what I cover:

From my PivotPlanet bio

Travel writing and blogging is a dream profession many people want to pursue. However, it is not an easy way to make a living, and you need to know how to pitch, write, work with editors, build a blog audience and much more. As a published writer and an award-winning blogger, I have a wealth of experience to share.

Here’s a bit of what we can cover in our PivotPlanet session(s):

  • How to follow your dreams of writing or travelling.
  • How to make money as a travel writer and blogger.
  • The ins and outs of the freelance writing business.
  • Ways to improve your writing.
  • How to become a travel blogger and develop your niche.
  • How to travel safely and well in India.

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